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Kids Soft Play

Little children in daycare centers have delicate hands and frail bodies. So, it is apt that they be provided with daycare supplies that only promote soft play. Small children love to crawl on the floor. They also love to run and since they don’t have stable footing, they usually end up sprawling and crying on the floor. That is why we created our line of soft play toys and equipment. The children’s toys and play environment should be something they can use happily and safely. With padded stuffs, children can safely crawl on the floor and climb small steps without incurring any scrapes. They can tumble and stumble without getting hurt because of soft padding provided on the floor. They can enjoy sitting on cushions and even have a fun ride on soft ride-ons. All our soft play equipment is available in bright and fun colors. They are lightweight and easy to move around, too.


Multilevel soft shapes hook n’ loop together enticing 9 months thru 3′s to synergistically build gross motor learning patterns. Wipe clean vinyl covered nylon surfaces encase urethane foam. 54″ SQ. CORNER WALL SPACE REQUIRED FOR SAFETY. Play starts at 2″ high and ascends to 15″h peak. You might like the Supersoft Infant Playground. Also browse the rest of our soft play climbers.

Price: $649.94
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Hook n’ loop fasteners hold this unique climber together as one piece. CORNER FLOOR SPACE REQUIRED FOR SAFE USE. 72″l x 60″w x 24″h. Ages 24 months old thru 4 years. (Mirrors sold separately) Check out our othersoft play items

Price: $1,037.44
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Under, over, around and through! 28″ high twin tunnel climber specifically designed for ages 24 months thru 4′s. Double spiral staircase platforms lure little legs up and down brilliantly colored climber. MUST BE PLACED AGAINST WALL FOR SAFE SOFT PLAY. Wall floor space needed 64″ square. Add the Rainbow Mini Corner for even more fun!

Price: $924.94
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